Inaugural Working Bee

Inaugural Working Bee

Hello Gardeners,

It looks like it’s all systems go for building the first 5 raised beds on the weekend of the 21st\22nd of March. If you are still interested in being involved in the garden but can’t make it to the working bee, never fear, there will be more

Peter Judd has been doing a wonderful job sourcing untreated hardwood sleepers for only $12.50 each from a local (Mullumbimby) supplier. This has allowed us to have much more in the kitty for fruit trees!

You are, of course, more than welcome to build and supply your own bed within the following garden guidelines1. Any major decisions to be agreed upon by the majority, with the aim of finding solutions that benefit all.

  1. Wherever possible, organic principles are to be used. If there is a significant threat from pests or disease a group decision will be made on how to control it.
  2. All beds to be made from untreated hardwood, with the design agreed upon by all members.
  3. Food grown in individual members gardens are for their use only unless otherwise specified. The “community” bed is tended by all members and is for all to share.
  4. Food trees are for all to share.
  5. Members are required to be participating gardeners. To be a participating gardener you are required to be involved in one or more of the following:
  • Have an individual garden
  • Share in tending a garden
  • Contribute to the planting and tending of the “community” garden
  • Sponsor, plant and tend a food tree

If you have any of these items they will be very helpful at the working bee:

  • Old newspapers or weed mat
  • A mattock, wheelbarrow and/or spade
  • A post hole digger would be awesome!

Please share this link to anyone else you think might be interested in being involved or download the flyer here to print and share around.

Many thanks,